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Case Study - Multi-Site Network

Multi-Site Network Consolidation

Roadside Assistance Company

Multi-Site Network Consolidation
Multi-Site Network Consolidation


A prominent roadside assistance company saw that their network was becoming too cumbersome and complex to manage. With 43 locations to manage, the staff was increasingly less equipped to handle the demands of the network. Specifically:

  • The existing network used 6 different vendors across all sites
  • The voice service lacked redundancy, leaving the company vulnerable to costly downtime if an outage were to occur. Company operates a 24/7 call center.
  • Certain locations were in out-of-the-way areas where major carriers lacked connectivity. This was a major contributor to vendor sprawl.

Solutions Implemented

Vision CTS was able to address the customer's challenges with a custom solution that included the following:

  • Vision CTS recommended a consolidated solution for all 43 sites - even the difficult-to-reach locations - using multiple underlying network vendors but all delivered through Vision CTS.
  • Vision CTS also designed a redundant voice network that used inherent, continuity solutions that Vision CTS could deliver and manage.


In the end, the customer benefitted from a solution that was more resilient and easier to manage. The internal team could focus their efforts on managing a single vendor for all network connections across their 43 sites and if any component of the network went down, not only was there a backup in place, but the team could resolve issues much more quickly through a single vendor.

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