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Case Study - Internet Access Solution

Internet Access Solution

To identify a better, more productive internet access experience.

Internet Access Solution
Internet Access Solution


A Fairfax Virginia customer turned to Vision CTS for internet solutions. Not just plain old internet access. Far from it. There were to be nineteen locations with internet access ranging from 1GB to 10GB depending on demand and application. This customer is a heavy Microsoft Azure user. All of their data processing and imaging is within the Azure cloud. Accessing Azure over the internet is fine. However, latency and delay make the experience slightly degraded.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Improve Speed and Latency

    SOLUTION - Configure customers current service between their site and our data centers to separate internet traffic from Azure traffic.

  • Separate Internet Access from Azure Traffic

    SOLUTION - Leverage our Peering and Access Marketplace agreements to provide a direct connection from our data centers to the Azuree platform. This ensures that Azure traffic, end to end, is never on the internet. This would result in removing removing latency and delay.

  • Measure and Monitor to Project Growth

    SOLUTION - Monitor all services on our network monitoring platform. Vision CTS not only provides simple up/down status for our customer, but we are also able to monitor bandwidth usage so we can model for expansion or contraction. This ensures that the customer has the correct bandwidth and is not paying for underutilized locations.


Customer now has a direct connection to Azure via the CTS Marketplace Access. Not all internet providers are the same. Vision CTS goes to great lengths to provide fast, direct and redundant connection to top-tier providers and destinations. Our relationships are always improving, adding more and more value on a regular basis. Today, we have direct access to many locations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Netflix to name a few.

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