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PRI Service

SIP service not for you? Yeah, we get it. You still have the need for high capacity feature-rich service, but not able to use SIP? No worries, we have you covered. We deliver PRI and T-1 service all day, every day. PRI is NOT a thing of the past and there are many compelling business reasons to use PRI.

What is PRI?

Primary Rate Interface is a digital service that consists of two pairs of wires that connect to a customer telephone system, but can send/receive up to 23 simultaneous calls.  Analog service in contrast can only support one call per line. 

Some advantages of PRI service are:

Direct Inward Dialing - DID's are telephone numbers that can be assigned to PRI service which can be used by outsiders to call the extension directly, instead of having to go through the PBX Auto-attendant.

Caller ID - Since all the extensions have their own number, this unique number will be displayed in the phones that they are calling to.

Cost - Your cost per month for a PRI is less than 23 Analog lines, also the cost of a PRI card for your phone system is less than multiple analog cards and the real-estate that they would occupy in your system.


Q: Why would I use a PRI when I have been told SIP is better?
A: In most cases one could make a case that SIP is better, but not all PBX can use SIP. You might need to replace or perform an expensive upgrade to use SIP.

Q: Do all PBX’s support PRI?
A: Most likely, but the system will need a PRI card or port.

Q: Will you work with my PBX vendor to install the PRI?
A: Yes, we sure will. We will provide a provisioning document and schedule a test and turn up call.

Q: If my PRI service or PBX is down can you call forward my number(s)?
A: Yes we can, this is a major advantage over most of the LEC's

Q: Do you support caller id name and number?
A: Yes

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