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E-Fax Service

E-Fax Service

Send and Receive Fax Messages without Ever Leaving Your Desk!

E-Fax Service
Send and Receive Faxes to Anywhere from Anywhere
E-Fax Service
Send and Receive Faxes to Anywhere from Anywhere

Vision E-Faxing
With E-Fax, you can send and receive faxes to anywhere from anywhere without ever worrying about a busy signal. Receive faxes on your local and toll-free dedicated fax numbers from anywhere you have internet access - even receive them from your cell phone. Create professional faxes from the database of cover page and design options or create your own just like sending an e-mail. You can even broadcast faxes to multiple people all over the world. You can easily send faxes from any Microsoft Windows application or sync up your e-fax with your e-mail keeping all your documents secure and organized.

No Hardware Necessary
Say goodbye to the days of loud expensive fax machines that jam and take forever to send and receive message. With E-fax, you do not need any additional hardware which allows you to have your mobile workstation anywhere you go. No need for paper and toner and no time wasted standing around the fax machine waiting. Best of all you never have to worry about poor quality because everything goes out just like it looks on the screen.


  • Q: Can my fax number be the same as my voice number?
    A: Yes it can.
  • Q: How do I receive faxes?
    A: You can receive them as PDF attachments via email or in the portal.
  • Q: What file extensions are supported?
    A: PDF and TIFF.
  • Q: I have heard that faxing with VoIP is problematic. Is that true?
    A: That can be true. However, with our service we use T.38 protocol and we have spend years tuning and perfecting our fax service.
  • Q: Will I receive confirmation that my sent faxes were received?
    A: Yes. That is an option.

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