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Hosted PBX

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is based off of our Hosted Phone offering with more flexibility. Think of it as if you moved your PBX (Phone System) to the Cloud. If you have reviewed our Hosted Phone offering and like what you see, but are saying to yourself "this is great, but I have 30 phones, 4 sites, demanding users and complex call routing...I need more." Don't worry, we have you covered. It is like we can read your mind.

Our Hosted PBX solution will address those concerns. Hosted PBX is a server that is dedicated to your organization. Hosted PBX is like having a tradition phone system in terms of scale and flexibility, but you do not have the negatives of ownership. You don't deal with upgrades, patches firmware, security, moves, adds, changes or hardware that is end of life. We will custom build a solution that fits your needs and remove the stress of owning and managing your phone system.

Secure your investment for many years to come

With VisionUCC, you can ensure that your business communications investment is protected. Because it incorporates the same software, you can easily migrate from a VisionUCC installation to a premises-based solution should you decide the hosted solution no longer fits your particular business needs. Most importantly, when moving from VisionUCC hosted solution, you maintain all of your settings and phones, making it a truly seamless transition for your employees. With VisionUCC you have the flexibility to grow into the phone system you need in the future. With the addition of VisionUCC, you now can have VisionUCC delivered in the way that best suits your business needs. You can access it as an on-site solution, in the Cloud, or via your mobile solution. Never miss a beat; stay connected always with VisionUCC anywhere.

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