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Analog Line

Since we are more than just a VoIP provider, we understand that analog service is alive and well and still has a crucial part in many business applications. As a full-service CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier), Vision can provide your business analog service to fit your unique requirements. Service for telephone service, fax, modem, burglar/fire alarm and POS (Point of Sale) to name a few.


Q: Why provide Analog service, that stuff is dead.
A: If you believe trade rags and listen to other VoIP providers that is the narrative, however the truth is analog service is alive and well, also very necessary in many cases. We are a full service provider so we embrace the face that there is a need for analog service.

Q: Do you support all analog devices such as fax, modem, credit card machines and burglar alarms?
A: Short answer is YES! The long answer is that all of these device are different and can present some challenges, our knowledgeable sales and service staff can assist you in getting the correct analog service.

Q: Is there a difference between analog service delivered via a gateway and service delivered the traditional way?
A: Yes, there is a huge difference. We provide both and can assist you in the decision.

Q: How many calls can be on one analog line?
A: It is one for one, so one analog line will support one call.

Q: Do you support services such as, transfer, conference, caller id and hunt groups on your analog lines?
A: Yes, and more!

Q: Will your analog service work with my key system / PBX?
A: Yes it will.


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