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Virtual Switched

Interesting phrase you say, but what the heck is it? Virtual switched service at face value is similar to what the big LEC's (Local Exchange Carriers) call Remote Call Forwarding (RCF). In that regard, a Virtual switched service allows you to have a local or toll free number that is not connected to any physical service that is provided by VCTS. This allows the service to be used in many different ways.

For example, a small office/ home office/ start up might need a published number right away so they can get their business started, but they do not have office space yet. They can have a virtual switched number published and it will ring to another number when called such as a home land line or cellular phone. We can ring one or many destinations with virtual switched.

Virtual switched can be used when moving a business. If you are in a position where you are moving before phone service can be established in your new location, virtual switched can fill that gap for you so you do not miss important business.

Out of market- virtual switched can be used to have a presence in an area that you are not physically located. Get a number from us that is in Georgia and have it ring in your office in Ohio.

The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning, where virtual switches differ from Remote Call Forwarding is that we can add additional services to virtual switched.

Services such as Auto Attendant, faxing, unified messaging, Ring groups and Automatic call distribution to name a few.


Q: What in the world is a virtual switched line?
A: it is our version of remote call forwarding. It is a phone number that exists in software only and is typically forward to another number such as a cell phone or a physical line, but could be an Auto Attendant or voice mail box in our hosted service as well.

Q: So, why not just call it RCF line everyone else?
A: Not sure why the industry went with "virual switched line" but it did.

Q: How is this billed?
A: Flat rate for the number plus usage.


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