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Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise Wireless

I.T. all starts with a plan.

Enterprise Wireless Solutions
Get Connected Across All Platforms
Enterprise Wireless Solutions
Get Connected Across All Platforms

If you would like to implement a fast and cost-effective, enterprise wireless infrastructure that meets your corporate objectives across all platforms - mobile, business, and data applications - VisionCTS can help. Like any project done right, it all starts with a plan.

Enterprise Wireless Planning and Design

The experienced VisionCTS team of enterprise wireless networking technicians will help you develop a plan, design, and implement your new enterprise wireless solution.

Our planning and design process educates you along the way and takes the mystery out of tackling such a project. The planning and design phase results in a scalable and innovative enterprise wireless solution, providing many benefits to your company:

  • A dependable, fast, and secure wireless environment
  • Mobile scalability and flexibility to adjust to constantly changing daily demands
  • Improved total network collaboration and integration
  • Custom-designed security protocols
  • Efficiently and effectively handle voice, data, and video

VisionCTS will develop a detailed implementation plan based on the established and approved design strategy to ensure that the installation process is performed as expected. Our objective is to provide a seamless transition to your new wireless environment and reduce delays and costly reworks.

The VisionCTS Enterprise Wireless installations include:

  • Wireless access point cabling and installation
  • Integration of the most current hardware and software versions (deploying upgrades if needed)
  • Wireless LAN testing
  • Tagging and labeling of all wireless enterprise hardware
  • Final checklist run-through ensuring optimal performance and delivery
  • Detailed documentation and specifications of your new system

Once your enterprise wireless solution is installed and tested against your organizational objectives, VisionCTS offers managed service solutions to assist you in keeping your new system running at optimum efficiency. Our fully managed services provide consultation and support services around the clock, performing all the tasks an in-house team would, at a much lower cost to you.

With VisionCTS, you'll get access to our knowledgeable team of wireless networking engineers, support specialists, and your own dedicated project manager. We want to be your new enterprise wireless partner.

The Choice is Yours

With so many options to choose from - Broadband, Enterprise Wireless, Fiber - you can rest assured that VCTS will design customized internet access solutions that are flexible, secure and on budget.

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