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Case Study - Child Care Facility

Proper Troubleshooting and Process of Elimination

Child Care Facility

Child Care Center
Child Care Center


Local company in the childcare industry contacted us, asking if we could service their existing phone system. It was determined that they had an aged Avaya phone system installed around 2011. Their current "phone guy", had not returned their calls for service in years. The pressing matter was static on the lines, affecting their ability to do business. We had to explain that we do not support the Avaya product line because it was discontinued.

CTS did offer general telephony support and pinpoint the exact issue, working with the phone company to verify their services were working properly. The possibility existed that it was not the PBX that was at fault. Customer agreed to move forward, convinced it was the phone system and not the provider.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Static on all phone lines making it impossible to have a conversation

    SOLUTION - CTS requested a meeting with the phone company. Date for meeting was set, but the phone company canceled 3 times, resulting in the customer losing service for a day. The phone company eventually honored the meeting and a CTS technician was dispatched to the site. The phone company technician revealed that there had been 17 service calls over 5 years for the same static issue on the lines. The phone company never discovered an issue and declared no trouble found, closing the support tickets.

    With proper testing and an ordered process of elimination, CTS was able to prove to the provider that the static issue was not the customer PBX, but an outside issue instead. CTS was also able to work with the provider on showing them how to use their own equipment to properly test and isolate the issue. Eventually, several days later, the phone company fixed the phone lines and the issue was resolved.

  • PBX is not supported, they can’t find “their guy”

    SOLUTION - Our CTS technician had a discussion with the customer, and the provider, so thst everyone was on the same page. Provider did acknowledged that the issue was theirs to resolve. Customer now has peace of mind and a better understanding of the situation. The customer does still have the issue of an unsupported PBX and no vendor to service the equipment.

  • They feel stuck, not sure the proper way forward and do not want to throw good money at bad

    SOLUTION - This ended up being an action on the customer's part. A couple of weeks later, the customer contacted us stating that they do not have the budget to replace the phone system. But they did want to convert to our voice services. They were not happy with the phone company not being able to identify the issue with the static and they were not pleased that the phone company did not show up for multiple appointments.


CTS quoted a voice and data solution, replacing phone service as well as internet service. Customer realizes that they need to address the aged PBX. However, they now have a better solution in place with a company that will respond to service needs. Customer is currently weighing the pros and cons with CTS between a hosted PBX and a traditional.

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