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Case Study - VoIP Readiness

VoIP Readiness

Identify the proper managed services solution for a local, private school.

VoIP Readiness
VoIP Readiness


When a local private school was planning to expand their facility and existing phone systems, it was determined the current systems were outdated, inefficient and not actively maintained. VoIP was the direction the school decided to pursue. Given the status of dependent infrastructure (network, router, internet connection), those items would have to be addressed as well. The solution was managed network services.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Outdated Technology - Aging telephone system no longer supported by vendor nor manufacturer.

    SOLUTION - A cloud hosted VoIP system was installed to compliment the fully managed aspect of the managed network solution. This IP phone system would provide for flexibility and support for years to come as it is based on a software-defined PBX architecture.

  • Inadequate Internet Connection - Inadequate WAN (Internet) connection. The school was using DSL technology.

    SOLUTION - A new internet connection was established while keeping the previous DSL connection as a backup or secondary Internet connection. The new connection is capable of gigabit (1000M) speeds and can therefore support future need, technology, and growth.

  • Slow, Incapable Cabling - Local network (LAN) was not gigabit and therefore slow in addition to not being capable of power over ethernet (PoE) to power up the phones.

    SOLUTION - A fully managed network was installed along with monitoring services. The entire network (switch, firewall, router, Wi-Fi, etc.) was replaced.


The managed network solution provided for new capable hardware in addition to ongoing support and maintenance. Both labor and hardware replacement are included in the managed network solution, so all responsibility and burden are lifted from the private school allowing them to focus on their product - education, not IT.

Beyond the uplift in technology and capability, the school benefited from the monthly operating expense model vs. traditional capital expense. This alleviated budget constraints for the construction project and provided peace of mind knowing the installed solution was turnkey including the often-overlooked total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with IT systems.

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