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Case Study - No Internet for You!

No Internet for You!

The Internet Access Company That Would Not Sell the Customer, Internet

No Internet for You!
No Internet for You!


Existing customer contacted Vision CTS requesting a quote for replacement internet access at one of their many sites. It was a plain vanilla request. Nothing real special or noteworthy. However, the result was not what the customer expected.

The solution was a no sale! What an internet company that doesn't want to sell internet? That is correct. Well, sorta.

Although selling internet access in the traditional sense to the customer would have been a workable solution, it was not the best solution. In a quick desktop survey of the address, it was determined that the service address was very close to an existing building that the customer occupied. The correct solution was a wireless point to point, this was a small capital expense instead of a monthly expense that would go on forever.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Simple Everyday Quote for Internet Service

    SOLUTION - Reviewed distance and options remotely, determined feasibility, then sent a technician to site for a formal survey. Ultimately, a bill of material was generated.

  • Identify the Root Cause of the Problem

    SOLUTION - VCTS moved their phone number to our service and provide a VoIP phone from their existing PBX at this address. They had not had phone service at this address in months.

  • Convince the Customer of a Better Way

    SOLUTION - Old methods are hard to break and many times a new method is not always embraced. It turned out it was a fairly easy pitch and was very well received. The rapid return on investment was a factor. And, the capabilities that the wireless connection provided was a key factor.


We showed extreme value when we chose the correct solution over revenue. Doing right thing most times pays off in the long run.

Customer has a faster internet connection to this location than they would have with traditional access. They also have direct connectivity to the corporate network and voice service. All of this with no monthly expenses.

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