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Case Study - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Overcoming Neglect

Senior Living Facility
Senior Living Facility


Customer agreed to a sit down to go over current IT infrastructure, services, and processes.

  • Nothing on the roadmap
  • No current needs/handled by existing vendors
  • Not in budget

Customer agreed to share bill copies for a complimentary analysis. It became apparent that significant savings could be realized.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Overcome objections. Covid pandemic was particularly hard on their industry (senior living organization).

    SOLUTION - Bill copy analysis for overpriced/outdated technologies, inaccuracies and/or unused services, alternative solutions and overall cost savings or efficiencies.

  • Buy-in from leadership. Recently under new management by a large multi-state management firm.

    SOLUTION - Replace end-of-life phone system that was failing and unsupported with a new phone system.

  • Disrupt the status quo in a time of great internal and external uncertainties.

    SOLUTION - Provide lease option for replacement phone system so monthly savings could be utilized and customer wouldn't incur any extra capital expenses. The estimated $50,000 phone system was quoted at $35,000 after a comprehensive site survey was performed. The 5-year lease option was under $800 a month so an overall monthly savings was still achieved.


We are particularly proud of the journey this case study took from "no problems" to "why didn't we do this sooner?". The customer was paying a large, well-known provider $2,841/month for voice services only. Our pricing for the same service was $695. This customer also asked for us to provide pricing for a secondary 50M fiber connection, which was $400. Both items total $1,095 MRC which leaves a surplus of $1,746 per month.

Ultimately, the customer decided to replace their 30+ year old phone system with us and still save money ($1,495 for new PBX and voice service vs. $2,841 previously for voice service only. A monthly saving of $1,346). They used the savings to address some sorely needed plumbing issues that had gone neglected due to previous budget constraints.

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