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Case Study - Phone System Failure

Phone System Failure

Establishing Business Continuity

Phone System Failure
Phone System Failure


An Ohio area power equipment dealer suffered a catastrophic phone system failure, mid-week after employees returned from lunch. Other than over-the-counter activity, telephone is the primary business communication tool for this organization.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Business continuity as it pertains to phone service and basic business functions such as sales and service.

    SOLUTION - Customer is using VCTS voice service. We were able to immediately route inbound calls with emergency status, in order for the company to continue to receive calls. Inbound VoIP calls were routed to a bank of cell phones on a "first answer" policy.

  • Interim solution to lessen or eliminate impact in short-term.

    SOLUTION - Since employee-owned cell phones were only an emergency fix (awkward, no ability to transfer, conference, place on hold, voicemail, etc.), a better interim solution was needed. VCTS implemented a temporary phone system. It was determined the failure was the CPU. Only the night recording and time condition information could be recovered from the old system. VCTS used this information to provision a temporary hosted phone system. All other tasks were handled manually, allowing for a direct stand-in replacement while waiting on a replacement PBX.

  • Permanent solution to provide a fix or replacement for on-site phone system.

    SOLUTION - Once the replacement hardware was received, it was installed and everything reverted from the cloud. The phones utilized were compatible with both the on-site and cloud system. No loaner equipment was needed.


Total outage time was a fraction of what it could have been. Given the global supply chain shortage, the actual lead time on the replacement hardware was 14 days (12 business days). Since the network equipment was also purchased from us, we were able to make all the necessary local area network changes as well as the wide area network.

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