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Customer Care

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Customer Care
Customer Care


In this day and age, technology is critical. All business functions rely on technology in some manner. When technology doesn't work, business doesn't work. So, what happens when technology inevitably goes down? Queue customer service...

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Speed

    SOLUTION - With 24/7/365 service available, the average hold time in our service queue is under five minutes. Try achieving that with any major carrier.

  • Ease

    SOLUTION - There are only two ways (phone and email) in which to contact our service department, which is by design. Thosse channels are clearly posted and easily found on our website. A statement which not all major carriers can proclaim. In addition, your service request isn't met with a litany of department options or a variety of choices which only lead to further frustration.

  • Convenience

    SOLUTION - Once a technician is assigned, your service ticket will always be handled by that single point of contact. No shuffling, no hiding, no dodging and no loss of records documenting past correspondence.


Our customer care coupled with our single vendor solution provides for a convenient and seamless technology experience. We are responsive and highly capable, which translates into great customer experience. As we are not reliant on upstream providers in most cases, resolutions are quick and controlled.

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