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Case Study - Medical Imaging Company

Medical Imaging Company

Virginia-based Medical Imaging Company Turns to VCTS for Internet Solutions

Medical Imaging Company
Medical Imaging Company


This 19 site company in Virginia and Maryland needs redundant internet access to augment what they have with a current provider. This client requires that VCTS proactively manage and monitor their system as well as do all site wiring and demarc extensions.

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Current internet provider has lengthy outages.

    SOLUTION - VCTS leveraged peering agreement with local LEC to provide last mile connection to all customer locations, avoiding cable provider's network.

  • Redundant internet provider must be able to provider service on fiber optic, support 10 gigabit and BGP peering.

    SOLUTION - VCTS installed 10GB fiber optic last mile to all locations regardless of subscribed speed. Gives ability to increase at a later date if needed.

  • Redundant provider must not use local cable companies for last mile connection.

    SOLUTION - VCTS manages all LEC installs for customer as well as contracted with customer to perform all demarc extensions. Directly coordinates with property managers and building engineers for right of entry and proper design.


Customer now has complete internet redundancy that is better than the primary connection. Customer has had to run on the backups, several times since installation. They also had to request speed increases. Customer now follows the recommendation of VCTS to use the backups for specific production traffic so they can maximize bandwidth in times of high traffic.

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