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Creative Solutions for Daily Business Challenges

Not all businesses are the same and at Vision CTS we understand that. We are different things to different businesses. Whether you are a startup on a budget with very simple needs or a large enterprise organization with multiple sites, we have a solution for you.

Some businesses contact us with a predetermined idea of what they want - for us to simply provide a specific service and they will handle the installation and all other moving parts. That is fine with us, we can do that.

Others contact us and need a more consultative approach. They are unsure or confused by the options in the market. Or worse yet have had a poor experience already. This is where we truly shine. Vision CTS will spend the time to get to understand your current situation and resources and from there make recommendations for service that will fit your needs. Many of our customers see value not only in this, but tremendous value in the fact that we are owned by a company that provides business solutions. They love the fact that we become a one-stop shop for not only internet and voice service, but can also do wiring past the demarc, plus PBX, network and security services to name a few.

Once you are a customer you become a client... Thinking about a business change, but not sure what impact that will have on your technology? Call us - let’s discuss the whole picture. As a client of Vision CTS you will have a dedicated Account Manager, not a call center. You will have a team of talented engineers and technicians in the service department, not script readers and call takers.

Try this. Give your current service provider a call and have a conversation with their customer service (sales department) about possible business technology needs or contact their service department and discuss a complex change or heck, just a simple one. I will bet both conversations get you nowhere and leave you wishing you had that time back... If you want to continue being a number or being forced to fit into a one-size-fits-all "bundle", stay with them. But, if you want a true communications solution individually designed for your business, take a look at Vision CTS, then make the decision if you want to become a client and be under our care and guidance.

  • Cloud Telephone Services

    VCTS provides cloud services giving you a local and national foot print. Our reliable, proactive network of skilled and experienced technicians understand the needs of our customers and will tailor customized solutions to meet them. Your service and support is never outsourced.

  • Cloud Telephone Systems

    With VisionUCC you can have access to a business-class phone system while completely eliminating costly operation costs. Now you can add phones to your monthly bill as opposed to exhausting capital up front with hardware. No upfront costs and hassle-free installation.

  • Internet Access Solutions

    Many companies have decided to access the cloud with VCTS acting as their connection partner. We provide the security you expect with a variety of connection packages and custom solutions available to you. If there are any issue with downtime or connectivity, we will take care of it.

  • Find out more about our Managed I.T. Services and Solutions services.

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